Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Unemployment and Addiction - What Are You Hooked On?

I haven't told you before this but I think it is time you knew.  I am a member of my own little recovery club.  CA.  No, not California, Cola-Anonymous.  Yes, I am an addict.  I would stand up right now and announce it to the group but the group is me, and of course my dog.  But as you know, she loves me no matter what, the little enabler!

For quite some time I was on the wagon, doing well, drinking water and herbal tea, feeling like a million bucks.  Then one day I decided to have one, just one cola.  It was all down hill from there.  I have battled this addiction both while employed and when I am not working.  If it is in front of me, I will drink it.  If it is not, I choose water.  It's not like I tear the house apart seeking anything that remotely looks like it to ingest into my body.  Ahh...a left over remnant of a bottle of motor oil!  Let's water it down and meet the need.  NOT. There's just something about that tingly sensation and that cola flavor.  It just says a lip-smacking, ahhh.
So why has being unemployed quadrupled my little naughty sipping action from one can per week to two cans per day?  Habit.  I've developed a habit.  And that habit has evolved into an addiction.

Developing habits can have a positive or negative effect on us.  It simply depends on the habits we choose to develop.  Now in terms of myself, for instance, I have developed a nasty, nasty habit that has morphed into a daily addiction.  What do I or anyone else need to do in order to curb our addictions that do not enhance our lives?  Educate ourselves.

Last night I picked up a book on how to make a garden path out of stone and concrete.  The author stated, in step 8, that after applying the concrete between the stones, pour a can of cola over the stones to eat away any concrete residue that remained on them.  Concrete. My stomach. Concrete. My stomach! 

Today I read an article, as I sat sipping my concrete devouring cola, about how, besides leaching the magnesium, calcium and other valuable electrolytes from your body, the beverage acts exactly like heroine in your brain.  No wonder I like this stuff!  I always wanted to be a flower child!  Yeee-ikes!  It also explained my often erratic behavior about an hour and a half AFTER consuming the beverage.  I've caught myself on occasion, head spinning around on my shoulders, the whites of my eyes exposed, emitting alarming accusations from my scrunched up lips.  Now I know.  I was coming down; going through withdrawals.  And it has been my loved ones that have taken the beating as a result of my uncontrollable desire to feel bubbles bursting upon my tongue.

I'm second guessing my ability to make good decisions for myself today.  I believe I need to take a turn for the better and provide myself more education that will assist me in making positive changes for my body, my self and my career.

Since I would like to change the direction of my career, I believe I need to change the direction of my behavior.  Are you addicted to something that isn't good for you?  A career that makes you sick, by chance?  Are you looking for work in that same career because you know nothing else?

I'm going to start at the beginning.  And in the beginning, there was (and still is) water.  We are made up of, what is it, 85% water?  Either way, we're not made up of cola, cola doesn't make our bodies operate better, it makes our brains think we are on heroine and it certainly doesn't make us better at our jobs.  So why take on a habit that doesn't serve us, our families or the friends that we love? If your stomach is burning and if you find that your head spins at the end of your workday, or at the very thought of becoming re-employed in the same career, think it over.  Won't you join me in going back to the beginning, pouring a nice cool, refreshing glass of water and together taking a look at who we were before our bad habits took over?  Bottoms up!

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