Saturday, September 19, 2009

Do the Unemployed Get Saturday Off?

Another day another dollar....out the door. Do the unemployed get to take Saturday off? If so, does that mean I am not unemployed on Saturday? With that being the case I suppose I am employed then. But just for two days. What do I do for a living on the weekend? Errrr...this is going nowhere. I'm still, yes, you guessed it, an unemployed loser. I feel that way today. Do you ever feel that way? I mean, I guess one can feel like a loser even if they're employed but today having no job gives me a good reason to feel that way. Or not.

Loser is a state of mind. Come on, you know you have felt it. And honestly, that's all it is; a feeling. We're not losers. We just aren't employed by someone else. And who gives them the right to employ us and have that much control over how we feel about ourselves? Why don't we think about how we can employ others and run their self-esteem all to hell and back. Up the roller coaster, down the roller coaster, around and around and around! There! How did you like that? You, you employer you! My state of mind is off the track today; derailed like a train out of control. Let's not let this situation create a storm in our brains. Let's stay on track and remind ourselves just how valuable we are not only to a company but to our families and ourselves, not to mention, our dogs!

What do you say we take the day off from being unemployed. Frankly, I'm ready for it. This job can be very taxing! Let's pretend we are successful at the occupation of our dreams. That's where it all begins you know. And what a better thing to do on our day off than dream up our new life and look forward to it. Happy Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

I was looking for work Saturday. I've vowed to stop drinking beer until I find a job.... Good luck to everyone.