Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15th 2009

Today: I embarked on a trip to the organic market to gain more knowledge in legumes and beans. From what I have been reading, I have found they are a fabulous contribution to heart health, providing protein, fiber and magnesium along with potassium to our diets. Well, can't hurt to have some nutrition added to my life. I mean, I need all the brain power I can muster right now, right? Searching for a job is hard work. And stressful at that. I never feel so inept as when I read the job classifieds. There are so many things I can't (don't) do! What exactly do I do anyway?
How many people have reviewed this job? 974? Eee...wonder how many applied...let's see. Out of the 974, let's say 5% applied...that leaves me in competition with 40+ some other people........for ONE position. Whelp! Think positive. That's it. I will think positive.

On another note entirely...........
I have found that rolling out of bed at a relaxed pace has given me a new found appreciation for being alive. Better yet, laying there, petting the dog, reading a book on self empowerment, watching the day grow light makes me feel all warm and fuzzy; it's a lovely experience.

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