Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How Unfocused Can We Become? I'm Just Wondering.....

So let's see here.......where HAS the day gone? I've contemplated my next move in terms of a job, read my email, intended on going to the grocery store to gather the ingredients for that fab cake I was dreaming about but...ended up at the nail salon. An hour of total bliss, my feet getting more attention than a hooker at a boyscout camp, I made believe I was Marie Antoinette; or at the very least, someone like her. Hedonism is my curse. I love to be pampered. Can't I do this for a living?
The truth is, I am not a focused person these days. In fact, I tend to meander around, taste testing everything that amuses or interests me. Mind you, these things change from moment to moment. To sum it all up, though I was Marie for a few choice moments today, I do not get to utter the words "Let them eat cake!" at the dinner table tonight. Instead it will be, yes it's true, I made it, "Let them eat chili." How I got from chocolate cake to chili I have no idea but trust me, it smells nifty. Oh I know, it was a moment of frugality that hit me, once again. Remember the maple syrup recipe? I considered what ingredients were in the kitchen, had a creative moment, and decided that chili was the logical choice rather than go to the store and spend yet more unemployed dollars. So there IS a method to my madness. It's just that I don't always know what it is.
What are you having for dinner? Hopefully you're being creative too because who knows where our next paycheck is coming from, right?

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