Monday, September 28, 2009

Be True to You

I realize that being unemployed causes a storm within me not unlike a tornado; so much unpredictable energy swirling around with no particular direction in mind.  How good can that be for me or anyone in my midst?  Though I have found ways to keep busy and entertain myself, my brain is on overtime with no particular project driving it.  I suppose this could be a grand discovery about myself.  I need mental stimulation.

Not everyone was born to take part in the same occupation.  Companies and family units need unique differences in their participants in order to function successfully.  Your talents are just that; yours.  Keep them in mind and note your passions while job hunting.  You know what makes your heart sing.  No one else really does.  Well meaning friends may advise you of job openings here and there and even pressure you to apply because you need a job or because they see a benefit that is attractive to them. Rather than try to fit yourself into an open position that you see advertised, determine what YOU would do best at, what drives you, what excites you and determine how a position can serve you.  By serving yourself in the best way possible, you will be able to give back to the company you work for, tenfold what he has given you.  Smart employers know this.  Rather than just taking a position, any position, determine what kind of person you are, what talents and unique abilities you possess and what you love doing, and relay that to the company you'd like to be employed by. Companies that just want warm bodies are missing an important element to remaining successful and keeping employees long term. Smart companies hire individuals and place them where their talents are best utilized.

Make sure you are true to yourself during your job search.  Be who you are, go after what you want and set the panic over finances on the back burner. True up and by knowing yourself be certain you're going after what you need to avoid becoming a misdirected storm.  All will work out better than you could ever have imagined.

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