Thursday, September 17, 2009

Should I Actually LOOK for a Job Today?

It seems the same jobs are out there, advertised, day after day. All three of them. While I run a relaxing bath I am coming to the conclusion that I should probably take a more proactive approach to finding some income. What, pray tell, would that be, is the question. Should I 'walk and talk' with resume' in hand? It seems these days all that will bring on is a swift kick out the door and instructions to apply online. Should I come up with some new form of employment? Should I employ myself? If so, what would middle-aged, misplaced creative me do? brain appears to be fried from too much exposure to society's version of what's acceptable. What now?
I think I will let my mind run rampant and see what drops in for a visit: Pick apples in Eastern WA., pose nude for a painter, paint fences in the neighborhood, create a car wash that is giving to charity-mine! Stand by the freeway and hold a sign: Will work for YOU-I actually need LESS food, as you can see. Walk dogs, run errands, sweep porches, help others with their resume's, network. Go volunteer. Yup, that's a good way to make contacts. No immediate income but it might help some. One thing always leads to another. I'm going to scan the 'volunteers wanted' ads and see what I can do. More on this later........

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