Friday, September 25, 2009

Is This What They Call "Self Employment?"

Can you recall the last job you held?  Can you recall being overwhelmed, feeling overworked and daydreaming about being home, lounging around, scavenging the frig and just doing whatever the heck you wanted to do?  Did you ever wish that you would get fired so you could take off on a road trip and play in the mountains and go fishing?  I did. I used to dream in desperation.

But today I've had about all I can take of being unemployed.  There's something to be said for feeling as though one has a purpose; even if that purpose isn't your life dream at the moment.

I have found that the chrome on the faucets does not get any brighter if I polish longer, my teeth can only feel so clean no matter how long I floss and I can only stay interested in baking french pastries for a short period of time.  Guess what?  The time for all of them is over.

I think we create our lives with our thoughts.  I got what I wanted.  Time off.  I took it, I dealt with it, I enjoyed it.  It's time to dream up a new life.  Maybe I should just crawl back into bed and fall asleep so I can get to dreaming.  But the fact of the matter is, I have had so much sleep in the last several months, I am certain I have reversed the aging process!  I must look like I'm 29 again.  I just know it. I bet you've been sleeping a lot too. C'mon! We all have.

This just goes to show that sometimes what we dream of having is not exactly what we want or need, long term.  It does, however, give us time to reflect when we have time off from the grind. My reflection has shown me that though I do not want to re-create the position I last held, I do want to create something.  Now, well-
rested, it is time to narrow down exactly what that is.

Let's quit moping and move toward becoming 'self-employed.'  Let's create the job we want for ourselves.  We know what it is...let's just fine tune it today.  God knows, we have time!

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