Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Wonder if My Dog Knows I'm Unemployed......???

Do you ever notice how dogs always know when it's time to get up, time to leave the house and what time the mailman will come by on any given day?  My dog, Isis,  never wakes me these days.  She just waits patiently until I open my eyes.  At that moment I can hear her tail tapping.  I raise up just enough to get a glimpse of her and there she is, happy as a lark, thrilled to see that I didn't die in my sleep.  She must know that I don't have a job. And the beauty of it is, I don't think she cares. 

Today I grabbed the car keys and invited Isis along on a trip to the store. We ended up on a drive along a country road that ended at a nursery where I purchased bulbs to plant. I'm going to pretend that the reason I purchased them is for a symbolism of seed ideas, planted now, erupting into beautiful displays under the warming rays of next year's spring. God knows it may be next year's growing season before I have a job so why not gather ideas, plant them, allow them to winter over and by spring they will all come to fruition?

My lovely dog stayed by my side. She trusts, without a doubt,  that soon I will work through all my get ready to get readies and be either employed by a company once again or gainfully self-employed.  Either way, she's happy.  She is fed twice a day and gets to chase balls, chew sticks and jump into the air and snap up flying bugs.  What more could a dog want?  They don't need to plan because they have mastered the art of living in the moment.  And I, during this time, am practicing doing the same.

Living in the moment is a gift that many of us have lost along our life path.  Dogs can remind us how exhilarating it can be. In observing my dog, I witness that the simplest of  pleasures create an all over bodily reaction from her. Just me walking into the same room celebrates that I've oversold my quota by 150%.  She's so appreciative that I simply live. No job has made me feel this good.

Let's take a lesson from our dogs and be thankful that during these times we have them by our side.  And if you aren't fortunate enough to own a dog of your own, may I suggest you walk one that belongs to someone else while you are jobless?  It will simply warm your heart. 

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