Monday, September 21, 2009

Does One Have to Look for a Job if it's Sunny Out?

Living in Seattle has its benefits. Sunny days are grand excuses to throw all responsibility aside and dash outside to play! The sun has been beckoning to me all morning but I stuck to the promise I made myself and enthusiastically scanned about the internet for employment. There are some new and interesting positions out there so let's not give up. Better yet, let's find new ways of networking this week as well as new ideas for supporting ourselves.

Since I have a newly found interest in the domestic scene with the kitchen being my favorite haunt, my attention has been directed to the food industry. Why not combine the skills I have with marketing some tasty new product? And you? I'm certain you are well aware of your abilities because if you're job seeking as I am, you have tweaked your resume' so many times you can recite it backwards. So take a look at what you have to offer and what your PASSIONS are! We are born to create the life we want so let's look at what we love, not what pays the bills. Pour your love into your new profession like batter into a cake pan and let's see what comes out of the oven.

Do you ever wonder how some people get so successful? Is it luck? I don't think so. They are the few that have followed their passions without succumbing to the fear that often wells up when we're on the road to our dreams. Pay attention to how you feel. If you feel good, you're probably on the right track. If you feel fearful, think about how you'd feel if fear was not in the picture. I believe I feel pretty darn good right now so with that said I'm going to embark on a new recipe. The Manhattan Clam Chowder, by the way, was exquisite!

Enjoy the sunshine and throw together your own recipe today. Let's see what you're made of!

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