Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spring has Sprung (almost) and so has My Wallet

Running out of cash? Not yet but in the near future?  Many people have unemployment benefits that have helped ease the financial pain of not working.  But those benefits are soon to run out. The impending doom is looming over our heads and threatening us with a new lifestyle; homeless, under the viaduct.  What now?

Saving money is impossible for most people in our situation.  In fact, there is not enough to cover the monthly living expenses as it is.  Finding ways to generate additional income and save a few pennies can be the difference between staying in our homes or being out on the street. Because as you know, a mortgage payment that is even a dollar short, is not accepted.  No partial payments allowed.  It's all or nothing. 

I'm wandering the house today, diving into closets, scrounging through pockets of clothing I haven't worn in a while, searching for coins and long forgotten dollar bills.  I'm reaching up into the cupboards and finding the change I have tossed into cups and lifting the cushions of my couch in hopes of finding a reward.  Next, I am off to clean my car.  Why not kill two birds with one stone?  Car seats and the floors under them can be gold mines of wealth when you need 'just one more dollar.' 

When I return from my car cleaning extravaganza I will embark on a more thorough assessment of the interior of my closets.  Certainly I can make $10 selling unwanted items that have been stored here for the last several years.  Additionally, why not clean up my environment in the process.  I will Fung Shui my surroundings to bring forth abundance!

Clean and Fresh!

The thought of spring is taking my attention outdoors.  The buds are forming on the trees, reminding me that soon the weather will be warmer.  Parallel to that event, my wallet will become close to empty and I may miss a few meals.  Scanning the flower beds for size, depth and location, the wheels in my head spin new ideas. 

With the money I am gathering from my 'easter egg hunt' throughout pockets, seats and cupboards, I am going to plant a vegetable garden. The savings on groceries will be substantial, my plate will feature organic foods and my health will most likely improve as a result! I might even lose a few pounds through the increased portions of vegetables. 

Let's continue to find new ways to save a few cents. "A penny saved is a penny earned," is what my Mother used to say.  And coming from the era of the Great Depression, I believe she had something there! 


Mary said...

Are you ever gonna blog again? Your followers await your wisdom.

chestr said...

Did you get a job???