Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Career Counseling - It is a God Send

Is the industry that you worked in laying off more workers? Do you find yourself wondering if you need to develop new or additional skills in order to gain employment once again?  You're not alone. 

Many people are coming to the conclusion that it may be a cold day in 'that place down there' before they are either rehired by the company they were layed off from or a new opportunity presents itself that their skill set can fill.

Is it time to think outside the box? 

Have you ever dreamed of a job that didn't fit society's mainstream idea of an acceptable way to make a living?  Have you ever wanted to open up your own fish bait store?  A second hand sink store?  A soup kitchen-laundry mat combo?  Maybe you want to act in commercials, fly into fishing lodges in remote locations and deliver singing telegrams or write a book about all the different species of slugs in the Pacific Northwest!

Today I hoofed it into the local community college.  I walked into the counseling office and created a student ID and signed in on the waiting list.  After 10 minutes or so, I was motioned into the office of a shockingly handsome man.  As I rambled on, darting here and there in my random manner,  I studied his face.  This person was actually listening to me and considering what I had to say.  Ahhh.  How refreshing!  I continued on and somehow arrived at why I was there.  "I don't know what to do."  He nodded calmly and replied that he sees many people in the same situation as I.  Surprise, surprise!  I am not the only person in the world who feels as though they have a dilemma on their hands. He understands me!!!!!!

He pushed me through a series of questions and statements to consider and together we arrived back at my dream.  "Follow Your Bliss" was the lesson of my half hour counseling session today.  "Follow Your Bliss" 

Take this time of unemployment to explore what you truly want.  Consider your values, your talents, your dreams and those activities where time passes before you while you, completely unaware, emerse yourself in a bath of slug categorizing or soup recipes.  Love what you do.  That is what is most important. The money WILL follow.  And take this time to speak with a college counselor.  It is free, it is valuable and it may set you on a course toward your dream, guilt free.  If nothing else, you might see something you would have never imagined!

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