Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's YOUR Worm Smokin?

Whoooo Are Yoooou?

Let's all smoke a doobie and figure it out!  Again the folks of the sixties; I don't know, I think they had something there.

Getting 'back on track' as I call it, I had this novel idea to go back to school and learn something brand new; something that would enable me to land a  stable, respectable, predictable and decent paying job.  Upon discussing my education options with a career counselor at the college, I felt encouraged.

Speaking with a friend this afternoon and relaying all that I had gathered in terms of requirements and information about my new found direction, he made a statement.  "That's a lot of work, a big commitment.  I would think you would have to be passionate about it if you are going to put all that effort forth."

On hearing his words, I paused.  I then spat out my thought process.  I started with the word security, followed by stable, followed by job opportunities followed by all the other logical reasons to go in this new direction.  Then I took a deep breath.  The next thing out of my mouth was, "...am I passionate about it? No."

So here I sit, pondering.  Should I or shouldn't I?  Is this an entire waste of my time?  I mean, should I just head back into corporate America and bite the greedy bullet of another sales job?  Ugh...WHAT now?  I dunno, I dunno, I DUNNO! 

Alice didn't know either.  In fact, she just wanted to know that she was going SOMEWHERE.  I think I might be in the same boat with her.  Now where is that hookah when I need it most?  I could take a trip and never leave home! 

Life decisions can be hard.  Being an American with all the choices available to us, it's almost criminal. I've never seen being middle-aged as a hurdle but knowing which way to go is.  I think it's time to wish upon a star....or is that follow the yellow brick road?  I'm not certain because honestly, I am just plain mixed up.

I want to know that when I get up in the morning my world is smokin' hot!  And I don't mean the funny green stuff.  We all need to be excited about what we do every day, without an 'organic' or chemical boost to the mood. Passion is important.  It is the basis of creation. 

What are you passionate about?  And what are you creating as a result?  I think it's back to square one for me.  Back to that original plan to create my life.  But first, I have to go on a trip to find my passions.

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Ray said...

Hello, you are not alone. Please keep writing.