Friday, January 15, 2010

Life As A Sponge

Sometimes there is just too much information.  Too many options.  Too many opinions to consider.  The overload of data sends the synopsis of my brain into a chaotic freeway of sorts.  Soon the stimulus becomes overwhelming and I simply swell from the electrical traffic jam occurring inside of me. Would someone just wring me out please? 

It's delightful to feel as though you have come to a solid conclusion regarding a new and different career path.  You've taken into consideration the economy, your interests, your life's mission and contemplated income and time requirements. Determining the cost for education and the pay off at its completion, you arrive at a decision; an actual decision! Then you step out to gather more data and opinions from the pros.  OUCH!  The market is flooded with new graduates!  What now?  Full of enthusiasm to mask my overloaded neuron pathways, I was just about to turn onto the freeway of societal norm; an accepted road to financial security.

Is this the universe telling me to stop?  Am I being guided back to my original far-fetched plans?  Is someone telling me to quit being practical and stop thinking about the paycheck and tradition?  Am I to once again, float off into a creative world of make believe and attempt to entertain others as I carry them along with me?  

Or maybe I was just meant to put my hyper-absorbed gray matter to domestic use. Why not get practical during a time of utter confusion and internal disarray?

When in doubt, shift gears and clean house!  Squeeze out some of the dirty water and improve your living environment in the process. 

Questioning this week's practical conclusions in terms of career, I am once again at square one.  Do I want it that bad?  Can I compete with a flooded market?  Of course I can.  I am ingenious, to say the least.

But too many hurdles and road blocks are life's way of telling us to take another route. There may be something we need to see along the way.  Something we refuse to look at while taking the highly traveled interstates; the roads that have been mapped out for us.

Traveling the same streets day after day, we become blind to other options.  This is the way it's always been done.  This is what everyone else does.  Therefore, it is what I will do.  Without considering that there may be something else out there, something we've never experienced, something we may have never been able to dream up on our own, we merge onto the career highway, set our signal and move into the middle lane.  Setting our cruise control, we feel safe.  Based on current conditions, we will arrive at our destination, unscathed and 'on time.'  Why look around?  Everything is as it 'should' be.

Today I ran into some unexpected road construction.  I can sit through it, along with the rest of the commutors, or take the nearest exit off the freeway of tradition and come up with an idea for a detour and once again go about creating my own path. Better yet, set my signal and let my heart guide me the rest of the way. 

Somehow there is a discovery I have yet to make.  Something new, something I never could have dreamed of.  I'm turning off onto a dirt road now; one that no one ever dares to drive on.  I wonder what I will find......................

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