Monday, January 11, 2010

Chef Boyardee and Other Thrills of Living Unemployed

The acidic nature of ravioli has left me with indigestion and I sit here in wonderment.  What happend to my 'get healthy regime?' 

I'm not sure about you but unemployment simply slows one down.  Taking a leisurely bath, putting my makeup on at just above an idle and putzing around the house can take up an entire day!  Of course I can't exercise this week!  I'm too busy counting the raindrops and taking naps.  Besides, I have the flu!  Is it the swine, you ask?  Who the (snort) heck knows. What I do know is I might as well apply at Comcast because I could be a relative of the Slowskys.  I'm too slow, too unemployed and too lazy to cook.  Eating out of a can and pulling the covers over my head again sounds just fine to me. 

What happened to that energetic, ever-positive blond who was going to go forth and take a hold of her life?  This week?  She just doesn't want to participate.  Not in any of it.  Sorry, checked out, on vacation, out of the office, will return after lunch.  And lunch could take days. 

It must be the weather.  Rain always gives me that SAD thing they talk about on TV.  So sad am I that I slept till 11am AND took a nap today.  What is the answer?

I believe I will schedule some time to lay quietly and show gratitude and thanks for all the good in my life.  Every little thing.  Our minds, they are simply computers.  And if we allow them to control us, who knows what websites they will visit.  So let's take charge.  Yes, it's winter and it's cold and it's dark and we still have roofs over our heads.  Lay quietly.  Think of everyone and every thing that is given to you every day that you take for granted.  It is amazing that we even find a single thing to complain about, isn't it?  And if eating ravioli is the worst thing that happens to me, isn't my life all but charmed? 

Put up your umbrella and walk in the rain.  You may see what you never would have and experience something that may have been hidden from you if you'd stayed inside and napped on the couch all day.  And if you jump in a puddle or two, you may disturb the reflection that you thought might never change.


OHYAAA said...

Hilarious and hopeful...thanks I needed that!!

M Kennedy said...

Stress never takes a holiday, never gets layed off. I know why you sleep. Sunny days are a'coming, my friend. But you might have to step out into the rain to look for the sun.