Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It's been discovered that everything on our beautiful planet is essentially made up of the same DNA.  We are all connected in an intricate and complex way.  Knowing that, can I not have abundance if abundance is what I am made up of?  Does that mean I am everything and nothing existing all in the same space, at any given time in any given dimension?

Has unemployment sent me off the deep end? Or am I simply viewing things from a different perspective?  If I am the same in DNA as a rock or a tree, then maybe I should observe their behavior when facing the elements that get thrown at them throughout their existence.  The rock- it is solid and stable, rolling when pushed aside. The tree- it is solid and stable, bending when pushed by the force of the wind. 

I wonder, do I need to be more flexible?  Do I need to consider stepping out of my comfort zone?  Do I need to bend more or better yet, roll to another location? The wind certainly has been blowing lately and I must admit, my branches are a bit tattered from the constant beating.

What is your expertise?  Are you an expert in a field that seems to have no job openings?  Many of us are highly trained professionals with seemingly no job opportunities in our communities. We are stable and solid.  But I think it's time I and maybe you, let the wind push us to bend and roll a little.

A new location may be the answer.  Where is the industry that supports your profession flourising?  Is some research in order?  Are you an engineer, a green energy expert?  Look throughout the U.S.  What is going on?  Texas is a breeding ground for wind energy.  Have you thought of uprooting your tree and rolling your rock to a new location?  Think about it.  Sometimes new surroundings are just what the doctor ordered.  Especially if the guarantee of a great job awaits you!

Connect the dots.  Look at how you can attach yourself and your profession to what is shakin' and movin'.  We are made up of the same stuff, you and I, the same DNA. We can learn from observing the plants and animals and rocks in our environment. We walk by them every day as though they don't exist.  But like the spirit in the sky, they wait for us to acknowledge them and when we do, they provide us a gift, if only we ask.

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