Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh Go Stick It Up Your Nose!

The other day a friend of mine told me that upon reading one of my blog entries, she sprayed Coke (as in cola) out of her nose.  It brightens my day to know that I have brought on a sudden burst of the giggles to one of my readers.  In fact, it simply makes me feel divine.  On the other hand, if one's nose is clogged, there are easier ways to clear the sinuses than inhaling Cola.

Ever seen a Neti-Pot?  The image above is just that.  You simply mix a light, salt water solution in the pot, tip your head over to one side and 'stick it up your nose!'  Breathing through your mouth, or preferably humming to keep from feeling as though you are drowning, you allow the water to run through your sinuses.

Upon using my Neti-Pot for the first time, I came to the realization that my nose was just like that of a goose.  I recall, as a child, slipping a blade of grass into the nostril of a goose and giggling at the fact that it came out the other side.  There was our pet goose, running around with piece of grass horizontally wedged in its nose.
Low and behold while pouring the water into my nostril with the Neti-Pot, it ran through my sinuses and out the other nostril! Thankfully, I reached adulthood before learning this anatomy lesson.  I may have sucked a few blades of grass if I'd known it as a kid.

Using these pots is a good way to maintain sinus health throughout the year.  It clears all the impurities that we inhale on a daily basis.  Further, it is rumored you can avoid becoming ill from viruses as a result of its regular use. So if sinus health is your goal, don't breathe cola.  Just get a Neti-Pot and 'stick it up your nose.'

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