Monday, January 4, 2010

Ever Feel Like A Failure?

Ever feel like a failure?  Do you feel beat up, frowned upon, rejected?  Me too. 

Every now and then someone takes the time to comment on my blog and tell me how rotten it is, how tacky it is and how untalented I am.  They tell me I just need to give up the idea of writing. I am simply a waste of paper and ink.  Or in this case, web space.

I go through a series of emotions ranging from shocked to hurt to embarrassed to resolve and then back to embarrassed again.  I am embarrassed that I ever thought I could entertain anyone with my prose, embarrassed that I think I am clever and embarrassed that I think that someone else's day might be lit up for a few moments as a result of reading my stories.

Maybe I SHOULD become a nurse or some other left-brained activity that requires scientific and mathematical ability.  Better yet, a mechanic!  I would have a skill that all could benefit from.  But the fact is, I'm not that.  And if I'm not that and I am not a writer, what am I?  A loser.  I have nothing to contribute to the world.  I don't make a difference.  I think I'll eat some worms.

Bed is sounding good right now.  A warm blanket, some soft music and my bed.  I am a nobody with nothing to contribute of any value and I am at the bottom of the creative food chain.  Soon I will perish because the only reason I incarnated into this life was to share my humor and love.  Sadly, no one wants it.

On the other hand, isn't tasteless and tacky a form of art?  I mean, obviously I don't feel that my 'butt wiping' blog was content to be read at Grandmother's funeral for heaven's sake.  Crude, delicious and just plain disgusting to the point where you have to laugh is exactly as I intended it.  And if some of the people reading don't have a zany sense of humor, well, the hell with them because the rest of us, we love to cackle in the squalor of tacky, poop induced humor.

My worm doesn't write very well but he's telling ya'll to have some manners.  And if you're going to critique someone else's writing, then use kindness and have a heart about it.  All of us folks without jobs, we are sensitive and feeling vulnerable right now.  What we need is encouragement and if you think we are headed in the wrong direction, suggest the one you think we should go toward.  Like maybe I should try out for working the waste management toll booth.

Hang in there everyone.  Don't let the unhappy folks of the world bring you down.  If you have a dream, then go for it.  After all, Fred Astaire was told he couldn't dance.



OHYAAA said...

Slime!!!! Those yay-hoos...not you. Who did they make smile today? You made me smile :D

chestr said...

Write for you. Get up in the morning and breathe in just for you.
I know the feeling but you just have to roll over, give your back to negative nonsense and keep looking ahead. For you.