Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Being unemployed can be stressful.  I know, I know, those that are employed might respond to that statement with, "What the heck are you stressed about?  And how stressful can it possibly be sleeping in every day and wandering about picking lint off of your pants?"

Well, I can guarantee all those employed folks of the world that we unemployed have our share of stress responses going on within our seemingly relaxed existence.  Hopefully someone will begin to notice and take pitty on us and spoon-feed us a job.  Can you see that happening?  Me neither.

So what is this experience about?  I for one have found endless things to keep me busy.  And on top of that, as I've mentioned before, everyone else seems to think they need to keep me busy also. I don't know about you but I need a vacation from being unemployed.  Working for a living sounds much more relaxing and more profitable as well. 

Though I have wanted to create a new life for myself, it seems I always fall back into the same routine thought pattern of needing to hurry up and get a job; any job.  Sad though it is, the economy does not look promising and living in a commune-type setting is becoming more attractive to me as the days pass. Sharing can be beautiful, right?

Does anyone out there have any ideas for a new direction we can go?  How about a new industry that all of us can partake in?

Help!  I am unemployed and alone and somehow it seems like no one cares and I will live under the viaduct before someone does.  And at that point, they won't be able to find me because they won't know where to look!  I feel like I am planning for a trip.  Pack up the blankets, organize my clothes, scale down and get ready, is what goes through my mind on a daily basis.  Do you have these same plans going through your head?  Is it survial instinct taking over or am I simply going nuts?  Uh oh.  There is that word again; nuts.

Help us oh unemployment wizard!  We are floundering in a cataclysm of lost faith and sheer panic!  I do believe I will spin in circles until I fall down in a dizzy stupor and go to sleep.  Goodnight.

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Mary Kennedy said...

OMG! Your street person has a laptop! That is such a sign of our times and it would be TOTALLY you. You would not live under a viaduct unless it was also a wi-fi hot spot!