Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Dog Stinks and Other Issues of the Day

One thing that is noticeable about not being employed is that we still find things to fill our day right up until the time we go to bed. 

Dog walking has become a favorite past time of mine and I do it whether I want to or not.  Why? Because I am held accountable by the nibbling on my leg if it doesn't occur on time.  Thinking that today was going to be relaxing and slow, I meandered to the riverfront with the pupparoo and jogged and walked along the trail. Knowing that I can not keep up with a 20+ mile per hour sled dog, I released her from her leash and let her run wild. 

Dogs are sneaky.

I watched my stunning pet run to and fro and found myself narrating her behaviors.  "Ahhh...what a beautiful day!  Upf! Yee-hee, there goes a squirrel!  I'm running, I'm running...ah! Got an itch. (scratch, scratch, scratch) Mmmmm...what's that?  Smells nifty!  Oh!  Bowzer was here!  From the smell of it, he was just here seconds ago!  Better squat and pee so he knows I said 'hi.'  Oh, oh...oh God, I've gotta poop.  Yep, nope, yep, this looks like a good spot. Ahhh...much better..there's a bird! Oh..where's Mom..oh there she is...OH my Gosh! I know what that is...I smell it...yes I do. Uh huh...  A dead fish!  I have been wanting one of those!  Where is it? Where is it?? I can smell it...OH!  There it is.  (roll, roll, roll)  Oh the scent!  It is simply divine!  Ah..more, more! Ooooo...oooo...yee hee!  I wanna run now. Yup, I wanna run.  I smell like a fish! Run, run, run!  The breeze is fishy and I'm fishy and I am so happ.......Uh oh.  Mom looks very unhappy.  Yikes...better cower.  Not sure what I've done...uh oh...oh no...wow, she's pissed. She is not speaking well of me right now..............."

Today I was thinking I could learn from my dog.  They are so spontaneous and lively.  If they feel like doing something, they just do it.  They don't wonder if they can, they don't question their abilities.  They don't worry about what other dogs will think if they try something.  They just do it.  And they love themselves and everyone around them while they are doing what they do.  They live entirely in the moment. 

Which leads me to the moments leading to hours that I spent scrubbing this dog today in my attempts to remove the foul odor that she finds to be so delectable.  Bottles of vinegar, perfume, shampoo, conditioner and peppermint oil later...she still stinks! The added fragrance has her turning her nose up and rolling on the carpet in her attempts to uncover once again, an odor she enjoys.  To each their own.  You can't please everyone. Today she and I have both been successful at creating environments that the other does not like. Oddly, we are still in adoration of one another.

So if you find yourself wanting to roll in something new that everyone else says is a stinky idea, think about whether it makes you happy.  If it does, then roll away.  Try your new direction, roll in the stink, enjoy yourself and don't worry about anyone else.  My dog doesn't and I still love her.  So if you decide to put a halt to applying for office jobs or executive positions and the scent of being a sewer plant worker is calling your name, then do it!  Who cares?  We all love you no matter what and if you're happy we'll adjust.


Anonymous said...

The age old dillema-
I want to do that
People think i should do this

outonalimb said...

ha, i like

Anonymous said...


That enzyme stuff for getting pee and poop odors out of carpet also works good for when the dogs roll in something delectable. Just rub some on and wipe it off, then you can wash it out (although I don't think it has any ill effect). Seems to neutralize odor really well.