Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm too busy picking up the house and helping friends in need to go back to work!  What about you? 

It seems to me, being a volunteer would be a lovely way to make a living.  It's too bad it doesn't send you a paycheck in the mail. 

As I've mentioned before, employed or not, I seem to find plenty to fill my day.  So much so that I wonder how I ever had time to 'work' for a living. 

Sometimes things happen for a reason.  I think my reason for being unemployed is that there are a few people out there right now that need my help.  

I had considered volunteering previously but never quite got around to joining any one organization.  Why?  Because I can be a flake.  I didn't want to let anyone down. I figured I would join and then lose interest and not want to show up.  ARghh...I hate it when I am faced with those qualities in me that I would rather not acknowledge.

Somehow though, when the need is close to home, my flakes fly off into the distance and I become Steady Eddie, revved up and ready. I think we all may carry that quality to some degree. When a loved one needs you, it feels more real than someone you've never met.  It's just our human nature and the way our emotions work.  So I'll let myself off the hook and won't feel guilty for  being human.

Are you done picking up your house?  Have you organized your files, painted the kitchen and organized your closets?  Do you have a friend in need?  Brush off your flakey side and lend them a hand.  We have time, you and I.  And now is the time to give it to someone other than a corporation.  Don't you think? 

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