Friday, December 18, 2009

HOW COME MY DOG NEVER WIPES HER BUTT?...and other ponderences of my day

Seems I spend an awful lot of time lately, following my dog's butt around the park.  As a result I get a first hand opportunity to study her potty habits.  Armed with a pocket full of plastic doggie doo-doo bags, I take my position very seriously and document, if only in my mind, her behavior surrounding defecation. 

I've become a scientist of sorts, examining fecal matter for color, form and volume.  It speaks to my dog's health and as far as I can reckon so far, she's darn healthy; at least physically. 

Lately though, I've wondered about my dog's spirituality.  Where does she draw her strength?  To what does she attribute her great love of me, her affectionate nature and her ability to live in a continual state of bliss? 

Today as I prepared for my scientific expedition about the park grounds, I decided to take a closer look at my dog, her overall appearance and her specific attitudes pertaining to her time-outs for potty donations. It seems she never stops to wipe her butt after her routine dump.  Why is that?  I mean, I couldn't get away with that, could you? 

Sometimes I sit here, in my unemployed state and I think, 'hey girl, you need to get your shit together. You need a plan and you need one now.  You need to clean up your act.' But today while looking at my dog, I realized I don't have to clean up.  She doesn't and look who's riding around on her butt!

Keep the faith oh fellow unemployed ones.  Someone is watching over you whether you can see 'him' or not.  And don't be so hard on yourself.
Just play along with your day, make a mess, don't worry about cleaning up and see what happens.  It may be that the miracle you want is riding right along on your tail end, just waiting to be discovered. 

(for clarification, this is not my dog's butt but a borrowed image)

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Jenny said...

Thrimp! You are NUTS! LOVE it!
XO ~Jen