Monday, December 7, 2009

Loneliness and Other Symptoms of Needing Employment

Hanging out with the dog is getting old.  Though she is a valuable friend, it would be nice to have a response in English once in a while. 

Although being unemployed gives us plenty of free time to get those projects taken care of that we have put on the back burner for so long, it's sometimes difficult to get motivated with no one else there to bounce ideas off of, greet in the hallway or just hear in the background.  The silence can be deafening.

Thoughts have crossed my mind as to how all of the talented unemployed people of the nation can get together and create a company of their own.  And some kind soul who read this blog has mentioned it as well.  If that was the case, what kind of business would we embark on?  Does anyone have any ideas? 

I wonder if anyone is really out there, reading this.  There are a few comments now and then but sometimes I secretly wonder if it is my best friend, in her attempts to encourage me, hiding behind different screen names, dropping comments and voting now and then.  I suppose the daily challenge of self-entertainment has turned me semi-psychotic and paranoid.  After all, I did put mayonaise in my hair today hoping it would work as a conditioning agent. 

Hopefully, the sunshine will last and I won't die a slow, painful, unemployed death of light deprivation.  Living in the Northwest can be devastatingly depressing in the winter months. And I have made a strong effort to gain access to the light, every chance I get, and take the pooch out for a walk-jog-gasp for breath-stroll in the daytime hours.

With no words of encouragement, I am bloggette failure tonight, off to the couch to watch a rented movie, wish I had a nice warm meal in front of me that I am too lazy to cook and wonder if anyone else feels as isolated as I. 

Doom and Gloom............................Hurray for Unemployment...Somebody Save Me!

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Anonymous said...

Good idea about the unemployed getting together to start a business ... or to phrase it more provocatively, to build an "alternate" way of living. How would that work? I'm sure there are many skilled people sitting around and watching too many movies and documentaries, when we could be productive in building a better world, if only we could figure out how to connect and how to get started. Perhaps a forum like this one could collect general information about the unused knowledge/skills/abilities and where they are located geographically. Of course, some types of work can now be handled electronically. I am using some of my time to learn more about software and collaboration systems. Where will it lead?