Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Getting a Grip - Abundance is Yours!

Well, today is another day and a beautiful one at that.  Slumps can be a good thing when you are on the up side of climbing out of one. I liken it to being under water, out of air, and bursting up through the water, feeling the fresh oxygen rushing into my lungs.  There is hope! There is air!  I am alive! 

Speaking of which, let's get down to the heart of our situation.  Truly, being unemployed is not the worst thing that can happen.  Yes, it is stressful and challenging and there is an empty void of uncertainty ahead.  But if you look at life as a whole, every day is filled with uncertainty.  We don't know from one minute to the next if we will even be alive.  We just forget that while we get caught up in worrying about 'the little stuff.'

Looking off into the distance can become an obsession. We forget to see what is right in front of us and take each moment and savor it. Scrambling about, straining to see ahead, we worry ourselves into a frenzy.  Will I have enough money to pay the heat bill?  Will the sale on avacados still be going on by the time I get to the grocery store?  Is my true love out there somewhere?  Will my tires last another winter?  Why didn't the neighbor wave back at me today? 

Stop. Ask yourself what it takes to experience this life. What carries you through this physical existence where you get to drive yourself mad by letting your thoughts run you?

Your body.

You need your body so that you can continue this life experience, no matter what experience you choose to have.  So then why, pray tell, are you sitting around eating junk and feeling sorry for yourself while unemployed?

Use this time to get in the best possible shape that you can. You don't have to get ready for a triathalon.  Just get up and bundle up into the best cold weather clothes you can find, grab the dog or a friend or your alter-ego and head out the door!  Walk!  Walk and walk and walk.  And while you walk, look around you.  Every time you see something that is asthetically pleasing, send a thank you out to the world. Feel the muscles and tendons in your arms and legs and around your waist flexing as you walk.  Breathe deep.

While sitting around the house your body is alive, but treading water isn't the same as doing a full on breast stroke.  Give yourself a chance to experience something more than the mundane, the average, the O.K.  And know that the healthier and more vibrant your body is, the happier and more exciting your life experience will be! If all this is too overwhelming at this point then just add a gallon of water to your daily diet. Watch what happens! You'll be amazed. Because without our health, we have nothing. And with it, we have everything!


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