Monday, December 14, 2009


It's cold out.  The birds are hungry.  Take time out of your day to feed a bird.  Fill your feeders with seed and if you don't have a feeder, throw the seed out the window.  They'll find it.

Might I ad, that if I have to listen to my parrot quote May West one more time this morning, I am going to scream!  Although I find him entertaining, at times I wonder how he can sit within the confines of his cage and repeat the same phrase over and over and over until his bird voice is hoarse.

With that in mind, are we really all that unlike my seemingly stir crazy parrot?  Think about it.  When employed, we get up, go through our routine of getting showered, dressed and out the door.  We drive to our jobs and do the same thing, over and over and over......some of us, until our voices are plum worn out.  So my observation today is that given a set of circumstances such as being locked within the confines of four walls for any given amount of time, or within the same, ritualistic routine, we all start to repeat ourselves, over and over and over....until our voices and/or our spirits are just plain worn out.  I'm worn out just thinking about it.

But alas, there is 'hope.'  Hope for what, you ask?  Well, there's just hope.  There must be, because our president says so, right?  Therefore, it must be the case because within the confines of what I know, what he says, goes.  Mm-hm.

Define hope.  We all have our definition of what it means.  So think about yours.  Do you hope you will find a job within the same industry you were in before you became unemployed?  Do you hope that the economy will improve so that new and different jobs will be available?  Do you hope that you can finish your education before your benefits run out and you will hopefully land a position making more money than you did before?  What do you hope for?

I hope that I will win the lotto so I can play in the woods all day, write song lyrics and start a blog about living free.  That's what I hope for.  I hope that all those who are ill become fully alive and healthy.  I hope for the resiliency of the world's children.  Who knows what they will have to face in their lives.  I hope that love is true and not something we make up in our fantasies.  I hope that the world's sheep will wake up and stand up against their governments and refuse to fight.   I hope that it will snow another foot and we all will have neighborhood block parties with hot apple cider, children laughing and adults visiting. And I hope that in doing so, we all feel more alive as a result.  Not exhausted from our repetitive existence, our daily rituals and the 'hope' that our lives will 'change.'

I believe that though we at times become strained through repeating our actions over and over and over, there is something within the human psyche that requires an outline of daily behavior, in order to feel fulfilled.  It gives us a purpose.  What I 'hope' for is that soon we will wake up and define our purpose for ourselves; not allow the confines of what we currently know, keep us within the four walls that cause us to scream uncontrollably, as my parrot, until we are hoarse.  


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