Sunday, August 15, 2010



I'm wondering if I have anything to offer the ever changing work force.  My reptilian brain has not been in use for some time now.  No schedules, no routine, nothing I HAVE to do by any certain time.

I have spent much time lately wandering around in a stupor of sorts, daydreaming, wishing, contemplating the blue of the sky, watering my herb garden and watching it grow with much delight.
The business side of my brain appears to be on hold; empty.

Time, as we see it, is 'running out' and so are the funds.  Shall I be homeless, living under the viaduct, as I have somewhat joked about in the past?  I'm doubting my ability to get an interview and wondering if I did get one if I could operate this thing I call a mouth.

Brain mush has set in.  Lack of use has put me in a bug-eyed stare, focused on nothing but my daydream of floating around on the deck of a large yacht. What are those winning lottery numbers, anyway?

Have YOU landed a job?  If so, please share.  The rest of us want to live vicariously through you and wish for a morsel of the positive!

If you are as I, unemployed still, let's sign up for volunteering this week AGAIN.  It gets us out there among the working instead of 'out there' among our daydreams and gives us grand opportunity to interact, network, have some fun and overall lift our spirits to a place where what we put out is a highly efficient and happy individual that will attract the right job offer.  After all, companies hire PEOPLE not resumes.

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