Friday, September 10, 2010


What to do?  I've been unemployed for so long now, I have taken on a whole new identity.  What is my new identity?  I really have no idea.  I think, but I'm not certain, that I have become a sloth.  The only part of my existence that doesn't resemble a sloth, however, is that I don't find myself hanging around in trees. I need to re-think this.  

I thought that with all this time on my hands I would evolve into what I truly am, what I was meant to be, what I have dreamed of doing while I worked my corporate job.  Sure, I've baked several batches of designer, french cookies, developed more soup recipes, walked the dog through numerous parks and learned how to recover furniture. I've even grown a lovely container herb garden and numerous, well thought out flower pots. But what now?  How do I turn what I have become (part chef, part dog-walker, part container garden designer, part sloth) into a job that will bring me an income?  Has all this time off given me the answers?  I'm not sure. Why?  Because as usual I am confused. 

I feel like I have spun circles for almost two years so that I can come right back to my original state; confused.  Maybe this is what I was meant to be!  I am confused, therefore I am...confused.  I suppose I could create the Confusion Soup Company.  Although who in their right mind (most likely an unconfused one) would venture to eat soup created by a confused cook? On the other hand, maybe that's what would delight potential soup tasters. Spinning in circles of confusion is what I am.  I am a soup of interests at the mercy of the ever swirling spoon of society forcing me to blend and mix everything that I am to become something palatable to those who order me off the menu of worker bees.  And here I am, back to square one, confused and marketing myself in the spinning circle of unemployed workers.

I think it's time to take the bull by the horns, the spoon by the handle and create my own company. Something that combines all of the parts of me that I like to call my own.  Soup, Dog-Walking, Nature, and Container Gardens. What should I call it?  You tell me.  I'm open for suggestions. 

What are you up to with your time off?  What have you discovered about yourself?  Are you an artist? An organizer? A builder?  Maybe you too are part sloth.  No matter what we are, wherever we are, it is what is truly meant to be.  Trying to fit into someone else's mold never works.  Take this time and discover things about yourself that maybe you didn't know.  Or skip back to when you were a child and become that person again.  Because we are born in to who we are.  We just tend to forget.  

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