Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hiding Out

Being unemployed can certainly put us in a rut.  Staying home and scanning the internet for jobs can become the daily routine.  Though it is the modern day way of communicating with potential employers, it can be isolating and somewhat depressing.

Get out!

Keeping in mind that there is a world out there, make sure you take time to go explore it a bit while you're not working.  Go to the park, walk the dog, hang out at the coffee shop or go window shopping at the mall.  Art galleries, museums and plant nurseries are waiting for you. It will cheer you up, give you something else to focus on for a while, giving your mind a break.  And you might run into someone you know, or better yet, meet someone new.  Why is this important?  The more people you come in contact with every day, the more opportunities you have to network.  Strike up conversations.  While you're visiting, be sure to tell people you're looking for work.  You will be surprised at who might have a lead for you; a potential opportunity to become gainfully employed once again. 

Everyone out there knows someone who isn't working right now.  And everyone out there knows someone who is.  So find out where people ARE working and do a little research into these companies to see if you might fit in.  Better yet, see if these companies fit YOU. 

Though times are challenging, we need to be creative. The more ways you find to meet new people, the better your chances of hearing about the jobs that may not be advertised.  So get out there, go have fun and market yourself all day long!


Ruby said...

I have to admit, I had fallen behind as a follower. So today I caught up on the last 3 blog entries. My observation? This author has become more focused and is providing very valuable information and very endearing personal information that I can really relate and connect to. Even as a middle-aged and fully employed person, I am finding inspiration and new ideas for building a more fulfilling life for myself through her wisdom, insight and experiences. Thanks for the light. Shine on!

Ruby said...