Monday, October 12, 2009


Back in the days of rushing out the door to rush around all day to rush back home to rush and cook dinner to rush to fold the laundry to rush to pay the bills to rush in a few circles, just for the sake of rushing, to collapsing into bed....I always wished I had 'more time.'

What is time, exactly?  A specific  location on the place of a clock?  A series of events that occur, therefore passing time?  If you can pass time, can you pass it at the dinner table?  "Please pass the time." "We have wasted too much time, therefore we are out of time.  I'm sorry.  The time has passed.  It is too late to pass the time."  Is time something I can wait for?  "I'm not going to do it until the time is right." Does that mean that time can be right or wrong? It seems we have all kinds of ways to describe time.  The right time, the wrong time, bad timing, the time of day, the time of night, we don't have time, yes, we have some time, or a little time or it's about time. I don't know about you but each glance at my clock gives me a different time. And if I look at a clock for another geographic location across the world it is now an entirely different time. Does that mean that I am having a good time? Or is this what they mean by the time of my life?

Now that I am not checking the time throughout my day, I realize there is no such thing as time.  We all talk about it, want more of it, wish we hadn't wasted it, hope there is enough of it, but there is really no such thing.  There is now.  There is what is. We are here.  That is it.

So in reflecting back to when I dreamed of having more time, I realize now, I don't want time.  Time is not real.  It is only a place on a clock. An ever moving, ever changing spot on the face of my clock. It took years for me to realize this. And lots of  "free time."

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Mary said...

$5 is nothing to a man who has millions. But to a beggar, it is the difference between eating and going hungry one more day.