Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reaching for the Top?

First I must add a disclaimer in view of my previous post.  Upon given the challenge, by a friend, to use the word 'porcupine' in my post, I developed a story around it.  With that said, please be aware that my general state of mind these days is not reflecting back on topics that might bring forth feelings of negativity.  If my mind does wander in that direction, it is up to me to reverse the way I feel about that particular event or at the very least find some positive personal outcome from the experience.

As a result of the experiences I have had, and the fact that I am unemployed, I am able find things swirling about my head on a daily basis that I think you might enjoy knowing about.  I am reaching higher, taking chances and daring to speak out where others may be offended.  Knowing that I am free to write and speak out as I choose, provides the feeling none less than that of being at the top of a mountain after a day's climb.  I hope soon I will catch my breath and be as accomplished as one who can yell and hear their voice echo back.

Exercise is good, whether it be in a vocation or a physical sense.  What you use daily, becomes conditioned and asks to be challenged yet further. My daily walks on trails and through parks have evolved into walks with intermittent short jogs; very short, I might ad.  I don't reach for a goal when I am out there or even when I think of being out there.  I just get out there.  What comes to me while I am in nature is the inspiration to jog a few steps.  After doing so, I realize that I have just moved  closer to my goal without the outcome in the forefront of my mind.  Movement in any direction is movement and carries with it, life.  Lack of movement equals death.  Death of the mind, death of the body, death of one's dream.  If you are moving, with your dream in mind, you cannot help but get closer to the end goal. Once out there you will find that it is not the end goal that brings forth the bliss.  It is being out there and feeling the movement of your goal come to life within you. 

Place your easy chair in front of the biggest window you can find.  Open the curtains. Take a good long look at the mountain out there and dream. If you must sit there for several days, so be it.  It's your dream.  Do what you want with it.  Without worrying about what gear to take or how many days you will be gone, just open the front door one day.  You don't have to go out there.  Just open the door.  Feel the cool air come in and brush against your face.  Feel the invitation from your dream.  Now go back and sit in your chair and think about how that kiss felt against your cheek.  Hopefully the temptation will be overwhelming.  And next time you get up and open that door, you will step outside and let the wind carry you away. 

Goals and dreams don't have to be difficult to obtain.  Why would we want them if it is painful to experience them?  The process of acquiring the end result should feel exciting, calming and thrilling all wrapped up in one delightful afternoon walk through the park with the mountain coming closer into view with each step.

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I like that the options in your poll change periodically. It makes it more fun to vote! Enjoy your mountain
your friend
the old goat