Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Don't Look Like Holly Madison.....& Other Devastating Realizations

Working eight to five, five days per week has its advantages.  Not only do we gain access to thousands of dollars every year, we are given the wonderful opportunity to rush out the door without a healthy breakfast.

Because we have become such fabulous time-management specialists, we establish new processes for fulfilling our morning appetite and managing the commute. Due to our brilliant skills in design and measuring effectiveness, we have linked a quick detour to our regular morning drive, through the unnamed espresso establishment,  which not only assists us in ingesting our daily dose of muffins and caffeine, it cuts 10.75 minutes off of our morning routine. Thus allowing us that much more sleep. Additionally, it feeds our selves, that have become so lonely from overwork, something of warmth that triggers a feeling of comfort in the brain. It's absolutely genius!

 In reflecting back on my work days, another exciting discovery has come forth.  Being employed with a full schedule provides a lovely opportunity to exist in a state of total body denial.  Awakening, in my mind, as a goddess each and every day, I showered and dressed my 21 year old body and strutted off to work; looking mighty fine as I did, by the way.  Well, you'll never guess what.  This morning I caught a glimpse at the reflection in the bathroom mirror while drying off from bathing.  I had one of those tuh duh moments.  I do not look like Holly Madison.  In fact, I look more like Goldie Hawn; two of her.

Somewhere along my morning commute, I must have shoved 47 too many (not one too many) muffins across my greedy, sucking lips and as a result I have morphed into a vertical wigwam of sorts.  I'm not exactly certain when it actually occurred but it did indeed and if I'd known back then that there were two of me, I would have left one home to clean house while the other was out making a living!

So, here I am, middle-aged, overweight and unemployed.  I prefer denial but facing reality is the beginning of a true journey of discovery.  In my case I have discovered that my imaginary friend is not my imagination after all and that she is lazy.  I have been carting her around with me for many months now and honestly, it's been exhausting.

On a lighter note (hee hee), I am what I have become and that includes skills, confidence, abilities, creativity, drive and let's not forget, an expert in time-saving techniques.  I like my skill-set.  It is user-friendly, vast and employable.  The fact that I am twice the volume I originally started with can be temporary, or at the very least a fascinating science experiment, but my skills will be with me forever.

Take a look at yourself, naked or not.  Maybe you've developed a furrowed brow, a gray hair or a limp in your gait. As you observe the person in the mirror, choose to look a bit further but not before you take off the mask of denial.  Be certain that along with those traits, you've developed unmatched skills that will serve you for a lifetime.

See yourself for what and who you are.  You are a perfect you with your own unique skill-set, your own unique ideas and your own unique voice which is waiting to be heard.  And the world is ready to listen.

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chestr said...

nothing like some little extra time to hit the gym or take a walk. i've actually lost some weight since i work at home, and that's pretty sweet!
another good thing, is that you can make your own pot of coffee and be the first one in line.