Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pumkin Launchers Suck

It's a beautiful fall day.  Summer has come to an end and the beginning of a lovely, colorful fall is here.  I'm still unemployed.  How 'bout you?  I'm OK with it.  In fact, I am rather enjoying it.  If it wasn't for household bills, I could be very happy to stay in this state forever more.  I do need to eat, however, and the checker at the grocery store still wants my money.

How many million people are unemployed now in the U.S?  I'm not sure of the number today which leads me to my next statement: Pumpkin launchers suck!  What the hell are you people thinking?  Do you know how much food you can get out of a pumpkin?  Pumpkin soup, baked pumpkin with butter, brown sugar and raisins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread.  All that out of one frickin' pumpkin!  Why then are you people spending large sums of money designing, manufacturing, buying and selling pumpkin launchers?  What are you thinking?  Have you gone mad?  Do you know how many people out there cannot even pay their mortgage let alone go to the store and buy groceries?  And you are spending leisure time launching pumpkins through the air so that you can watch them smash into pieces upon impact? What a disgusting waste of not only time but resources and the obvious; food! 

With that said, here is a penny pinching, recipe for mung bean and pumpkin soup with chopped chicken:

Chopped, raw pumpkin, skin removed-about 3 cups
Chopped onion-1 large
A few tomatoes, chopped
Mung beans and french green lentils or any other lentil or bean-soaked till they sprout a bit-couple of cups
Any other chopped vegetables you think you would be tasty
Garam Marsala-spice
Seasoning salt
Mohave Chili pepper
Chopped chicken
A few cups of chicken broth
Cook on low all day...................Cheap and yummy

Take more pumpkin and bake a few pieces, laying on their backs on their skins, about 5x5 in size.  A little water in the bottom of the pan.  Cover with foil. Cook at 350 degrees till soft to touch with a fork. Add a couple of tablespoons of butter and some raisins and brown sugar.  Cook a little longer till the butter and sugar melt together and the raisins plump.  .............Exquisite!

Now guess what?  You still have 3/4 of a pumpkin left.  Make a pie and some bread and another batch of soup for the freezer and saute' some in a stir fry.

Good gracious people!  Quit launching the flipping pumpkins and eat them for cryin' out loud!  The hunger you save may be your own! 

Have a nice evening being unemployed.  And well fed by the way.

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