Thursday, November 19, 2009

Run Forrest, Run!

Do you ever look at all your problems and find yourself feeling as though you would like to escape?  Does running out the door and not looking back sound like the relief you're looking for? Or maybe escaping isn't your idea of relief.  Maybe the unknown that is waiting outside the door is just too scary.  Scarier than the problem you are facing. 

Then you could possibly be a sweeper.  What's a sweeper, you ask?  A sweeper generally picks up the edge of the throw rug and sweeps all the undesirable matter underneath it, then gently replaces the rug.  Dusting off their hands, the sweeper feels as though the issue has been resolved.  It is not within plain sight, therefore it does not exist. Ahhh. The sweeper feels better now because even looking at the problem is too painful.

Then there are the action figures.  Action figures see the problem and immediately leap upon them, fearlessly tackling them to the ground, pummeling them to the point where they are no longer recognizable; mere fragments of what they once were. Action figures want things resolved, once and for all. No B.S. No long, drawn out hassles.  Just get 'er done!

Last but not least, there are the ice sculptures. Though ice sculptures are interesting to look at, they generally do nothing to generate even the slightest relief from the pain resulting from an uncomfortable issue.  Frozen, scared and unable to move, the ice sculpture simply stands perfectly still, believing that if they can just continue to look good to everyone else, no one will notice they are melting from the heat of their pain. Don't move and maybe it will just go away.

Everyone has a way of dealing with the uncomfortable situations they are faced with in life. Some methods are more efficient than others.  Some take care of the problem for the short term, others for the long term.  But every method has its place.

Which is your chosen method? Are you looking for a short term fix or a long term solution that will free you from this problem once and for all?

So step one: Examine the issue. Come on all you ice sculptures!  It's not as bad as you think.  Just take a quick glance.
Step two: Examine the roles that are available to you and the outcome that will occur as a result of playing each one.  What do you want the end of the story to look like?
Step three: Pick your character and go to work! 

Now relax and enjoy the outcome of your chosen role in your life.  And hold yourself accountable if upon experiencing the outcome your life story is not unfolding the way you would have it.

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