Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Global Warming? Not Where I Live

I don't know about you but the cool air has arrived in my town.  Just a few more preparations and home is ready for the ongoing chill of winter.

The onset of winter has always been a time to bring out the indoor projects.  Whether it be redecorating a room, writing that long dreamed of novel or just cuddling up by the fire to watch a few movies, winter can be a time of reflection and planning. As well as a time to live in the moment with our loved ones.

Being locked in the house together can disturb the complacency of the daily rush through our professional lives and the activities of those who choose to stay busy while unemployed.  Issues that have been set aside for discussion on a rainy day, well, it's high time they are discussed and resolved.  Otherwise winter is going to be longer than we anticipated.

Getting the cold shoulder can be much more difficult to endure than the chill of the winds of winter. The protection of a warm coat and a wool scarf  can repel the elements and make a walk through the snow inviting and enjoyable.  There is, however, no protection from the cold bite of the air when there is tension between those who cohabitate.  Walking into a room can be devastating to the soul if warmth and shared love does not abound.

So in preparation for winter,  let's drag out the sewing projects, gather together the notes we have saved to write those novels and pick out paint colors for the new decorating project.  But first, let's hold up one finger and test the domestic air current in our homes.  Is it a warm breeze?  A few gusts of cool air followed by a lovely el nino or is it icy gale force winds accompanied by a small craft warning?  Let's assess the domestic atmosphere and prepare by cleaning things up together.  Let's toss out those old attitudes and matted down misunderstandings that we don't need and prepare our nests with additional love so that hunkering down together this winter is filled with warmth and joy.

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