Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"If it Flies, Floats or F***s ....Rent It"

 ....pant, pant, pant..."OH CUPCAKE, HELP ME! I'M SO SCARED!"


Do you ever wonder about the people you went to high school with?  Do you ever wonder where they are, what they are doing and whether they're happy and having a great life?                                                            

Sometimes people evolve into greatness, personal greatness.  Why?  Because of the paths they choose.  Do you think it is the best schools, the best clothes, the best exercise program and the best cars along with the best bank    account that brings that greatness?  Well think again.  Greatness is what you choose to be, above and beyond what your mind decodes as success. It is the attitude you develop because of and in spite of how your brain interprets your life experiences.  Wealth measured by material gain is temporary and physical.  It says nothing for who you are.

Stand up and place your hands in your pockets. Who are you today?  What do you stand for?  Now hold out your hand and place a stack of greenbacks in it and squeeze tight.  Who are you now? 

Might you be the same individual who stood up just moments ago, empty handed?  We come into this world empty handed.  We will go out the same.  What we develop while we are here is what we will leave with.  The development of our spirit.

How much love can you handle?  Some of us, not much. So we bury ourselves in what we call our 'work.' Sadly, fear-based thinking keeps love at bay and invites misery stacked upon sadness, often times coupled with hatred.  And then we strike out due to the fear; fear of pain, fear of rejection, fear we may feel the way we chose to feel once before.  And typically, this will perpetuate itself over and over again because we have programmed ourselves to react to what is outside of us as something of an enemy, not to mention our reality.  Peering out from the black veil of protection, so scared we can't take positive action, we remain lifeless and dull, wearing the false face of worldly success.

Life can be beautiful.  Life can be filled with love.  Life can be exhilarating.  But life, your life, is what you make it.  It is what you choose to interpret.  It is how you program your mind, which is merely a computer, to accept information as either safe to download or as a threat to your system.

Fear based thinking keeps people from loving relationships, from experiencing joy and from the union of two people sharing their lives.  Fear comes from our wounds and our wounds come from how we interpret what happens outside of us.

So next time you view a man as a macho pig when he incessantly makes verbal assaults on the opposite sex, stating it's better to rent than buy something that flies, floats or f***s, (hence openly admitting that for him a woman, like a boat, is not only his penis extension but his flotation device, protecting him from the elements he can't bear on his own) because he fears she will find out he is not good enough, hence pull the plug, leaving him to drown and take some of their mutual worldly possessions (crap that burdens him).......or you see a woman as too much of a feminist because she will not allow a man to open her door because that will scream to the world that she is weak and incapable, question yourself and your own perceptions. 

Make the choice to see them as the beautiful souls that they are, interconnected with you and all other living things.  And know that they have simply made a choice, at this point in their life path, to have the experience of allowing themselves to be infected with a virus of sorts.  One that will continue to eat away at them, providing the misery they are programmed to expect, creating a life stage of jaded illusion and an eternal black hole of emotional need within their hearts.... until they accept that we are all one; all from love and all returning to love, together.

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Mary said...

This is great! And BTW, where do you find these fabulous images? They are in themseves, provocative.