Friday, November 20, 2009


Trapped in our heads, the chaos ensues.  The circular, merry-go-round running faster and faster in an impetuous burst of confined, blinded mastery; the naive soul sinks to despair. 

Lost without the daily torment of rituals ingrained, we find a superficial solace in activities outside of ourselves, in physical pleasures and in mind numbing substance and food.  

Where is the relief?  Our rituals are what have kept us sane, are they not?  Or are we living in the only state we know?  Hypnosis.  Like birds in a pet shop, when the long awaited cage door opens, we gingerly step outside, thrilled to embrace the exhilaration of freedom from our confines.  But upon testing the emptiness we become disoriented and frightened, craving the four walls that have held us within a predictable existence from the beginning of time.  And though those walls are covered with scales and cold to the touch, they are familiar, there is no guessing about our limitations, which are many, and we rely on them to keep us safe.  Safe from what?  The frightening world that they promise us if we dare to step outside their bounds. We hunker down at the bottom of our safe havens, mouths wide open like a huddle of hungry chicks, begging to be fed something of sustenance, questioning not the value of what we ravenously ingest.  The proverbial tray of food that slides through the bars on a daily basis is comfortable, laden with mind numbing chemicals and additives leaving us in a perfectly prepared state, open to the suggestions we so hope will rescue us from our demise.  We are taught to parrot our zookeepers and repeat back what is fed us, over and over and over; parroting is a sign of great ability, is it not? And while we parrot, we train our minds; to accept, to believe, to protect our food and...... to follow. 

Torment is of the dark.  Sadness and fear feed the dark.  Belief systems create limitation. With love and light, darkness cannot reside.  There is no limitation to creation and creation is 'God' and 'God' is light. 

Are you parroting what you are told?  Are you taking it in, believing it because you have been 'told' the source is credible?  Are you taking part in rituals, afraid to embrace the truth or not knowing how?  Do you ever question the source of what you follow, research the source, experience the source for yourself before succumbing to the broadcast of 'information?' Do you climb outside of your cage, take a step back and give objective observation a chance?  

Your mind is tuned to the frequency that it has been taught to zero in on from the beginning of your 'life' on this earth.  Do you truly believe that sports, reality shows and control-based ritual is what you are meant to live? Is setting the alarm every day and getting out of bed to go to work so that you can support the Elite of the world what you came here to do? Is military involvement 'defending your country?' Says who?  Someone who has been telling you, over and over and over. They hope you believe.  They know with enough repetition you will because your mind will be imprinted within a short period of time. What is being fed to you by the Elite and everything they own and run?   .....there is no escaping your cage......unless you see that the door is open and you decide to step outside of this far-fetched reality.  

Abundance Is Yours For The Taking

 Free Your Mind

Let go.  Jump.  Consider yourself free and you will be.  You were not meant to reside inside a cage of limitation, a prisoner of war; internal war inside of your body's mind.  Seek the quiet and know that what resides inside of you is what you invite.  We are nothing but energy.  Energy that our minds decode.  With that said, choose to decode your surroundings to suit your desires and your dreams and with love....and you will be met by the visitation of the light. Because with the light, there can be no darkness.  Love is all there is.

Read up.  Read about the Queens of this world.  Read about those that run Our government. Read about the media.  Read about our health organization. Why do those that run this world all come from the same family bloodline?  Why?  Who, or is it WHAT runs this world? Dare to ask and dare to know.

Be Free.  You Were Meant To Be. 

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Mary said...

WELL!!! This is a departure, but I like it!